How did you decide to become a therapist? Each of us has a story that tells of our desire to rehabilitate those who become sick, chronically ill, or injured. My story may sound familiar. I have a love of human movement, athletics, and service. Once I found physical therapy, I knew I could combine all of these things…..and I could get paid to do it. When I discovered the field of prosthetics, I knew I didn’t want to do anything else. It is an extraordinary gift to love your profession and love your job.

Vertical Rehabilitation Services is an extension of my devotion to superior patient care. As a company, we are a provider of continuing education in the field of physical rehabilitation. Continuing education for the everyday practitioner should be current, evidence-based, and practical. It should also be interesting and fun! These qualities become even more important if you want to treat a specialized patient population, such as those with limb loss.

These days, there are large continuing education companies who claim they can teach you just about everything. At Vertical Rehabilitation Services, our goal is to provide you with focused and meaningful education about the topics we love; education born from years of formal education, practice, and training.

Our mission is to elevate your knowledge and skills by providing world-class continuing education.


Chris Doerger CP, PT
Owner, Vertical Rehabilitation Services


Chris is currently licensed to practice both physical therapy and prosthetics in the state of Florida. Her educational path includes a BA in Psychology (’92) from the University of Central Florida, an MS in Physical Therapy (’01) from the University of Miami, and a Certificate in Prosthetics (’05) from Northwestern University.   Chris also keeps busy with a few other tasks, including:

  • Courtesy Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Central Florida
  • Member, Prosthetic Examination Committee for the American Board of Certification
  • Director of First Clinics at the Orthotics and Prosthetics Activities Foundation
  • U.S. Paralympic Classifier, Track and Field
  • Volunteer for Task Force Dagger’s Annual Dagger Dive




We’d love for you to join us at one of our upcoming events. Check out our Events page to see Chris’ speaking schedule.

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